The bylaws of the North Shore Parochial League.
A short history of our league.
The schools that make up our league and their game IDs for scheduling.
Directions to each school and contact information.



Article I        Name and Location


Section 1      The name of this non-profit organization shall be the North Shore Parochial League, hereafter referred to as NSPL.


Section 2      The NSPL shall be located at the residence of its treasurer.


Article II       Purpose


Section 1      The purpose of the league shall be to develop and foster physical skills, sportsmanship, self discipline, respect for authority, and courtesy to others among the youth attending member schools or member parishes’ religious education programs.


Section 2      The league shall also provide an organization so that these youth may participate in interscholastic competition.


Article III      Membership


Section 1      Membership shall be open to parochial schools that are fully committed to fulfilling the league’s purpose.


Section 2      Membership shall be open to private, parochial/parish school teams only.


Section 3      Schools may apply in writing for membership in the NSPL. A 2/3 vote of the executive board us required to admit new members or expel existing members.


Section 4      To participate in a sport, all school teams in that sport, at all grade levels (5 – 8), supported by the NSPL, must compete in the NSPL.





Article IV      Eligibility


Section 1      Team members must be students in grade 5 through 8 attending the member school or registered parishioners actively involved in the religious education program of the member parish.


Section 2      Team members must meet the following age requirements as of September 1:

                                    5th grade: Under 12 years

                                    6th grade: Under 13 years

                                    7th grade: Under 14 years

                                    8th grade : Under 15 years


Section 3      Girls may not compete on boys teams and boys may not compete on girls teams.


Section 4      The Executive Board may waive the Archdiocesan transfer rule and grant immediate eligibility if it is clearly demonstrated that a transfer was not athletically motivated. A simple majority only is required by the Board.


Section 5      No student-athlete may participate in the NSPL without a document signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s) stating that: the student athlete has permission to compete; the student athlete is in good physical health and condition and has had a complete physical examination by a licensed physician or appropriate medical provider within the last two years; the student athlete is covered by insurance; the student athlete and parents are aware of and understand the risks associated with concussions; and the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) understand the risks associated with participation in the sports program. Member schools must keep parental permission documents and evidence of physical examination on file and immediately produce if requested by the Executive Board.


Section 6      Any merger request must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board at least seven days prior to the final team commitment date. The Executive Board must approve all mergers and may impose conditions that the Board believes are appropriate.


Section 7      Each member school must submit a roster of players to the NSPL prior to the appropriate roster deadline. The roster form provided by the NSPL must be completed in its entirety and signed by the coach, athletic director, and principal or pastor. If religious education students are on the team, the form must also be signed by the Religious Education Director. Players can olny be listed on one roster for the season.


Section 8      Only teams comprised of players representing a single school/parish and in existence as a team during the entire sport season are eligible to participate in any school or parish-sponsored tournaments.


Section 9      After rosters have been submitted, players may only be added with the permission of the sport coordinator. Upon approval, the member school must submit documentation verifying eligibility to the NSPL prior to the player participating in any practice, league, or tournament play.


Section 10   Members entering two or more teams in one grade must divide talent based on an annual tryout as follows:



  • In 5th or 6th grades, talent must be divided equally. The Executive Board will review all cases where an extreme discrepancy exists between/among more than one team in a grade from the same school. If such case is determined, said school(s) will be asked to redistribute their players to more evenly structure their teams.

  • In 7th or 8th grades, talent may be divided into “A” or “B” teams. An “A” team has superior talent when compared to the “B” teams. The division of talent must be easily recognizable. The league may use its discretion to place a team in the “A” or “B” division using standings from the previous year.


Section 11   All questions or appeals concerning player eligibility shall be directed to the Executive Board. The use of ineligible players shall result in the forfeiture of any games played with those players. Failure to comply with the roster requirements may result in forfeiture of games played until compliance is achieved. Additional penalties may be imposed by the Executive Board for violations of eligibility requirements.

Article V       Rules and Regulations


Section 1      Members shall abide by the most recent policies of the Milwaukee Archdiocese and all rules of the NSPL.


Section 2      Coaches and adult supervisors are required to maintain order and are responsible for the conduct and discipline of players and spectators alike. Any disturbance by spectators which disrupts the orderly running of a contest may be cause for a gym to be cleared of all spectators until the contest’s completion. Penalties including, but not limited to, ejection, forfeiture, and fine may be levied by the Executive Board if order is not maintained.


Section 3      Adult supervision of locker rooms, showers, gyms, and all adjacent facilities is mandatory. Only team members and authorized in locker rooms. WIAA regulations and state law (9175.22) prohibit the use of cell phones (and all other image recording devices) in locker rooms except in emergency situations.


Section 4      Host gyms are responsible for ensuring that facilities are available as scheduled and providing qualified adult supervision at all times to maintain order.


Section 5      Members may and are encouraged, but not required to, charge admission to games not to exceed limits set by the Executive Board.




Section 7      No game will be cancelled or rescheduled unless authorized by the sport coordinator who will notify athletic directors and officials. Coaches cannot cancel contests. Members responsible for games being rescheduled will incur the costs of rescheduling. A $35 fee for payment of officials will be incurred by the school initiating the rescheduling, payable to the official(s).


Section 8      A team forfeiting a league match will incur no penalty until the second forfeiture at which time the fee is $50. The fee will be $50 for each additional forfeiture by the same team during the same season. After a third forfeiture a review will be done by the Executive Board to determine the continued status of the team in the league. Any fees not paid during the season will be added to the following season’s entry fee. Re-admittance to the NSPL will be denied until all assessed fees are paid.


Section 9      All questions regarding specific sport rules and regulations should be directed to the specific sport’s coordinator. They will respond and/or if necessary, forward the questions to the Executive Board for discussion.


Section 10   All appeals must be initially directed to the sport coordinator. If the decision is not acceptable to the member, the member may file a written petition to the Executive Board for review of the decision.


Section 11   The Executive Board may impose penalties as deemed appropriate for violations of NSPL rules.


Article VI      Executive Board


Section 1      Management and administration of the affairs of the NSPL shall be vested in the Executive Board. This board shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Volleyball Coordinator, Basketball Coordinator, and Basketball Official Coordinator.


Section 2      The President shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Board and of the membership when in attendance. The President shall fil all vacancies subject to the approval of the Board.


Section 3      The Vice President shall carry out all duties of the President in his absence or on a pro-tem basis should the President step down.


Section 4      The Treasurer shall mage all NSPL funds which will be deposited in an account in the name of the NSPL. The Treasurer shall keep an account of the receipts and expenditures of the NSPL and submit a report annually or upon the request of the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall also determine and collect all NSPL fees subject to the approval of the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall act as the official NSPL representative.



Section 5      The secretary shall be responsible for all NSPL correspondence, sending notices of meetings and other announcements to the members and maintaining all NSPL records. The Secretary also compile and maintain a league directory. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and is responsible for publishing and distributing copies of the minutes to all Board members. The secretary will also be responsible of the collection of game results in all sports.


Section 6      The Volleyball Coordinator shall be responsible for recommending NSPL volleyball rules, creating the schedule of games, hiring officials, and maintain the team rosters. The Volleyball Coordinator shall act as the Executive Board representative in all matters pertaining to volleyball.


Section 7      The Basketball Coordinator shall be responsible for recommending NSPL basketball rules, creating the schedule of games, and maintaining team rosters. The Basketball Coordinator shall act as the Executive Board representative in all matters pertaining to basketball.


Section 8      The Basketball Officials Coordinator shall be responsible for also recommending NSPL basketball rules and hiring referees. The Basketball Officials Coordinator shall act as the Executive Board representative in all matter pertaining to basketball officials and will assist the Basketball Coordinator as needed.


Article VII    Meetings


Section 1      The Executive Board shall meet at least once a year and as often as may be needed at the call of the President.


Section 2      Member schools shall meet at least twice a year, prior to each sport, and as often as necessary to discuss other business at the call of the President. There shall be at least 14- day advance notice of any meeting.


Article VIII   Dues


Section 1      Members shall pay annual dues, dues being the fees assessed their teams in their respective sports. The amount of these fees will be determined by the Executive Board.

Article IX      Parliamentary Authority


Section 1      The rules as contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of the NSPL in all matters where they are applicable and in which they are not consistent with these by-laws.


Article X       Amendments


Section 1      These by-laws may be amended at any meeting of the Executive Board by 2/3 affirmative vote of the Board.