• NSPL Conference Rules 2017 [ PDF Download ]


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    Dates to remember:


    All schools must have their team and gym commitments to me


    All schools will receive preliminary schedule


    All schools will approve schedule


    All schools will receive final schedule


    Rosters due


    Opening Day



    Special Conference Rules:


    9/28/2017                  2017-2018 North Shore Catholic League Conference Rules


    1. WIAA basketball rules and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee regulations and policies for athletics will be followed.

    2. In case of inclement weather, the league will inform you if the game is called at least two hours before game time.

    3. All teams must send a team roster to Jason Grodsky before the first game. The principal, athletic director and the coach must sign the roster. The roster must have the players first and last name, grade and date of birth. When a new player(s) need to be added to the roster, email Jason Grodsky @ jasongrodsky10 [at] CCD players must be identified on the roster.

    4. ELIGIBLE PLAYERS: A player must be a student at the parish school. CCD players must reside within the physical boundaries of the parish, must be an active member of the parish religious education program. Any player 15 years old of age before September 1, 2015 cannot play. A special appeal can be made to the board to receive an exemption. A player that is 15 in the 8th grade and has been in the North Shore League since 6th grade can receive an exemption.

    5. If a team has played an ineligible player, they will forfeit all games that the player has participated in.

    6. If your school has three or less people come out for your team, you may drop them to the next level, but you can only have two in the game at the same time.

    7. If your 5th or 6th grade teams need to be divided, they must be divided of equal strength. In 7th and 8thgrade you can choose to divide into an A and B team.

    8. Arrangements for a canceled game must be made before the end of the season. Notify Jason Grodsky of the teams, date, time, and location of the make-up.

    9. If a team forfeits twice, it will have to pay a Forfeit Fee of $50.00 before they are able to continue playing in the league. League fees are $300 per team and are due in full prior to the season.

    10. PROTEST – All protests must be made in writing within 24 hours following the game and accompanied by $40.00. If league officials and referees of the game allow the protest, the game will be replayed. Referees will be appointed by the league and replayed at a time satisfactory to both schools, but no later than the end of the season.

      Conference Special Game Rules:


      1. Games will consist of 7-minute quarters for 5th and 6th grade. There will be a 5-minute break at half time. We will have a running clock in 5th and 6th grade. The clock will stop for free throws, substitutions, time outs, and for all whistles in the last one minute of the game if neither team is ahead by 15 points. The 7th and 8th grade will play 6-minute quarters and the clock stops for ALL whistles unless one team is winning by at least fifteen (15) points. At this point, the clock will only stop for free throws, substitutions, and time outs. Backcourt pressure for 5th and 6th grade will be allowed in the last quarter only. 7th and 8th graders can pressure the entire game. 5th and 6th graders must discontinue the press with a 10-point lead. 7th-8th grade must discontinue the press when leading by 15 points.


      2. Overtime periods will be two minutes. There is no limit to the number overtimes.


      3. The “Girls” Basketball will be used for ALL girls’ games and 5th and 6th grade Boys games.


      4. A 10-minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit will be called. If a team is late, they must begin play as soon as they have 5 players, within the 10-minute grace period.


      5. Following the 1st game a minimum of 5 minutes will be allowed for warm-up.


      6. The free throw line for 5th grade girls will be moved up 18 inches.


      7. All substitutes must be at the scorer’s table prior to the whistle for a substitution to be granted. The referee may allow a substitute to enter if he/she is not at the table, BUT THE CLOCK WILL NOT STOP IN 5thgrade (as detailed in Rule Number One).


      8. The seat belt rule will not be enforced. However, coaches may only stand if they are talking to their players or otherwise coaching. Addressing officials must be done from a sitting position unless otherwise requested by the official. Any coach yelling at the officials (including those at the scorer’s table) will be asked to sit for the remainder of the game. If at any time anyone on the bench, including but not limited to players, coaches, or attendants acts in an unsportsmanlike manner, the head coach will be REQUIRED to sit for the rest of the game. Actions would include taunting, yelling at the refs, etc.


      9. Only the head coach may leave the bench to instruct their players. Leaving the bench will only be allowed to instruct players.


      10. If a player or coach receives two technical fouls, he/she will be disqualified from the game. A player who receives an unsportsmanlike technical foul must be removed from the game and may not reenter prior to the next dead ball. Any player or coach who receives two technical fouls is disqualified and will be suspended at least one (1) additional game to be served immediately.


      11. Any foul language by a player, coach or fan will not be tolerated and can lead to expulsion from the gym. Any player/coach ejected from the game is automatically suspended until a discussion is held between the league officers and the school contact person. Any fan ejected is subject to further ban from ALL NSCL gyms.


      12. All jerseys are to be tucked in, unless designed to wear out. All shirts worn under the jersey must be of the same color/shade as the dominant color of the uniform. There will be no jewelry of any kind permitted. No taping of earrings will be allowed. No jewelry or lights on shoes allowed. With teams having similar colored jerseys, the host/home gym team is responsible for wearing a different color jersey. If neither school is at home, a coin flip will be used to determine who will wear the different color jersey. The host school will provide the jersey.


      13. While the league does not mandate specific playing time rules for any grade (deferring that role to each of the member Schools), it is the League’s recommendation that in the 5th and 6th level all kids play equally over the course of the season. However, each player must play at least one full quarter in 5th and 6th grade. The League recommends that on the 7th and 8th grade level that all players play in all games and that equal playing time be sought when possible. Furthermore, the league recommends if a player is NOT going to get equal playing time in the 5th and 6th grade levels (injury, discipline, player’s choice, etc.) that the Coach communicate that to the opposing Coach BEFORE the game.


      14. All Schools must have a school designee in attendance at away games. This designee can be a parent, coach of another grade level team, teacher, administrator, pastor etc. This designee will operate as person responsible for spectators of his or her school.